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Robotic Demolition

The BM90 and 180 construction robots have been designed for the truly heavy demolition jobs and allow us to offer an entirely new dimension for demolition contracts.

Robotic Demolition

Whether considering capacity, agility, compactness, working environment, safety or Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) our robots bring incredible benefits with the work they can do.

Radio control gives the operator freedom of movement to get a perfect view of the work in hand and there is no cable hindering mobility or at risk of being damaged by falling debris. The operator can select his optimum location from where he can progress and supervise the works from a safe distance.

Attachments available include crunching jaws, grabs, hammers, backhoe and clamshell buckets to fulfill a range of robotic demolition requirements.

Our operators and management team bring extensive Robotic Demolition experience on a wide range of projects and developments throughout London and the South East.  Based in Kent we have over a quarter century of experience in Diamond Drilling, Bursting, Crunching and Sawing techniques taking pride in a reputation for quality that is supported by our status as a Chartered Building Company.

All of our services are provided by qualified operators and equipment is modern and well maintained with our machines well serviced and able to manoeuvre through single door openings.

Fast, safe and incredibly adaptable Invictacut Robotic Demolition Service is ideal in difficult or dangerous spaces and when you need to hit that looming deadline.

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