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Percussion Drilling

Percussion Drilling is an inexpensive technique for creating holes in all types of brickwork, blockwork (both hollow and solid section) and concrete masses for pipe work, cable runs or ducting.

Percussion drilling parts

Percussion Drilling

Percussion Drilled holes are also generally recommended where the hole is to be used for the installation of resin anchor fittings for dowels or starter bars and can be ideal in confined spaces thanks to its hand held operation.

Using tungsten carbide-tipped rotary percussion drills our operators can create holes in almost anything and with full attention to HAVS regulations and guidelines.

Based in Kent we work throughout London and the South East region

Percussion Drilling is an ideal technique when speed and cost efficiency outweigh noise and precision control requirements; our team are extensively trained in HAVS and working with noise, height or confined spaces.

With over 25 years experience in Diamond Drilling, Wire Sawing, Concrete Crunching and a range of other Demolition and Construction services we provide absolute quality, safety and service assurance.  Working with small local contractors and on major national projects we can adapt our services to any environment or requirement you may have.

Value engineered to ensure competitive prices no matter what you require, Invictacut are a market leading choice for all kinds of Diamond and Percussion Drilling.

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