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Concrete Crunching

The Concrete Cruncher uses variable size jaws which can span walls, concrete slabs or masonry and reduce the concrete and brickwork to rubble quickly and without noise, vibration or water.

Concrete crunching in progress

The Concrete Cruncher

Brickwork being crunched

A fast but controlled exercise the Cruncher can be hand held or attached to remote controlled demolition machines.

By using the Crunching jaws the risk of HAVS is greatly reduced and in some cases eliminated. Ideal for demolitions close to other buildings, especially old or fragile ones which need a controlled approach to ensure they are not damaged; our team bring an extensive experience in Concrete Crunching on a wide range of developments and construction sites.

Whether it's hydraulic crunching, or for controlled demolition purposes, our concrete crunching services will provide the necessary demolishing for whatever building you need. 

Working throughout London, Kent and Surrey our team bring a dedicated approach to quality, efficiency and Health and Safety to every Hydraulic Crunching project. For more information about our concrete hydraulic crunching, our experts on 01732 884977, or get in touch for a quote through our contact form.


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