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Environment Policy

Invictacut Ltd recognises that its building and construction related activities have environmental implications.

It is therefore the policy of the Company to:-

  • Aspire to reduce environmental damage and increase, where possible, the opportunities for environmental gain.
  • Comply with legal requirement
  • Encourage all employees and sub contractors to avoid and prevent environmental damage and to act as good neighbours to those affected by building and construction activities.
  • Provide and exhibit this policy at  maximum 12 monthly intervals.

The Company will:

Seek to conserve the use of energy, water and paper and promote the use of recycled materials at its offices and stores.

For this policy the following organisation and arrangements apply:

The employee on site, or at place of work will be responsible for the implementation of the Company Environmental Policy, and will ensure that:- 

  • All work is carried out in accordance with all relevant Acts, Regulations, and Company Policy and Procedures, as defined in the Staff Health and Safety Manual, COSHH Manual, Safety Plans, and other company/safety consultant instructions.
  • Waste is removed in accordance with legislation by registered carriers to licensed tips;
  • Measures are taken to control ground, river and coastal water pollution
  • Measures are taken to control noise pollution
  • A good neighbour policy is implemented
  • Comply with international protocol by ensuring that ozone depleting gases eg CFC's and Halons are not discharged into the atmosphere.
  • All material wastage is minimised, recycling options promoted, and water, paper and energy conserved;
  • Wildlife, habitats, flora and fauna, archaeological and heritage sites are protected as appropriate;
  • All incidents detrimental to the Environment are investigated, reported and preventative action taken against repetition.

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