Invictacut Ltd

Mastic Pointing / Sealant Jointing

Covering all types of mastic and sealant for application to windows, doors, expansion joints and around internal fixtures.

We are highly experienced in the field of mastic sealant and are included on manufacturers’ approved list of applicators for all types of polysulphide (including fuel resistant), polyurethane, acrylic and silicone sealant and hybrid polymers.

Colours Available

The following are the standard colours we offer for basic internal and external mastic sealant applications i.e. Windows, Doors, Sanitaryware, Kitchen Worktops, Vinyl Flooring, Ceiling Trims and Expansion Joints.

Should none of these be suitable there are other 'special' colours available upon application.

Mastic Pointing

Mastic Pointing

We can also undertake the application of hot poured bitumen sealant to expansion joints etc.

Sealant Jointing

Mastic Pointing

Invictacut Ltd are members of The Association of Sealant Applicators and as such our operations are bound by the official Code of Practice for Mastic Sealant operations.

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