Invictacut Ltd


We can provide the installation of all types of passive fire protection systems.

Committed to Safety

Our Firestopping work is carried out to the highest standards; we are committed to quality, safety and service as a Chartered Building Company and membership of the Association of Sealant Applicators.


‚ÄčThe Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers and offers:-

  • A full audit and ongoing management of all works undertaken by our qualified installers.
  • Full certification of our installations for your ongoing fire safety management. 
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Firestopping sealant


Firestopping sealant in place

  • Intumescent sealant to provide an effective smoke and acoustic seal to walls and service holes.
  • Non-decorative mineral fibre and powder coated batts to larger service openings
  • Sealing of structural openings through floor slabs using load bearing intumescent mortar
  • Fire barriers and curtain systems to ceiling voids.
  • Pipe wraps and collars
  • Fire rated acoustic foam and coatings

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